Maker.js, a Microsoft Garage project, is a JavaScript library for creating and sharing modular line drawings for CNC and laser cutters.

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Api - ISVGRenderOptions Interface

SVG rendering options.




Optional accuracy

accuracy: number

Optional exemplar of number of decimal places.

Optional annotate

annotate: boolean

Indicate that the id's of paths should be rendered as SVG text elements.

Optional className

className: string

SVG class name of the rendered paths.

Optional closingTags

closingTags: boolean

Flag to explicitly close XML tags.

Optional cssStyle

cssStyle: string

CSS style to apply to elements.

Optional fill

fill: string

SVG fill color.

Optional fillRule

fillRule: "nonzero" | "evenodd"

SVG fill rule.

Optional flow

Options to show direction of path flow.

Optional fontSize

fontSize: string

SVG font size and font size units.

Optional layerOptions

layerOptions: object

SVG options per layer.

Type declaration

Optional origin

origin: IPoint

Rendered reference origin.

Optional scale

scale: number

Scale of the SVG rendering.

Optional scalingStroke

scalingStroke: boolean

Flag to remove the "vector-effect: non-scaling-stroke" attribute.

Optional stroke

stroke: string

SVG color of the rendered paths.

Optional strokeLineCap

strokeLineCap: string

SVG stroke linecap.

Optional strokeWidth

strokeWidth: string

SVG stroke width of paths. This may have a unit type suffix, if not, the value will be in the same unit system as the units property.

Optional svgAttrs

svgAttrs: IXmlTagAttrs

Optional attributes to add to the root svg tag.

Optional units

units: string

Optional unit system to embed in exported file, if the export format allows alternate unit systems.

Optional useSvgPathOnly

useSvgPathOnly: boolean

Use SVG < path > elements instead of < line >, < circle > etc.

Optional viewBox

viewBox: boolean

Flag to use SVG viewbox.


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