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JavaScript code editor
var makerjs = require('makerjs');
this.paths = {
    head: new makerjs.paths.Circle([0, 0], 90),
    eye: new makerjs.paths.Circle([25, 25], 10),
    mouth: new makerjs.paths.Arc([0, 0], 50, 225, 315),
    wink: new makerjs.paths.Line([-35, 20], [-15, 20])
this.notes = '# Welcome to the Maker.js playground \n You can edit the JavaScript code, then click **Run** (or CTRL + Enter) to see your drawing.';
//press enter here to add more blank lines
The Maker.js Playground is a sample app demonstrating the features of the Maker.js core library. You can build your own apps using Maker.js, or it can be used command-line style with Node.js.